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Term Definition
Surface Hors Oeuvre Nette - SHON


In France, the Surface Hors Oeuvre Nette (SHON) of a building is calculated by deducting the floor areas of non-convertible lofts and basements, open areas, parking spaces, agricultural units, and greenhouses for production use from the Surface Hors Oeuvre Brute (SHOB) of the same building - see Section R. 112-2, Code de l'urbanisme (French Town Planning Regulations).

Remarques à l'attention des traducteurs - notes for translators: 

Le calcul de la SHON en France n'est exactement celui de la Net Floor Area (NFA) en Angleterre et au Pays de Galles qui exclut par exemple les parties des pièces mansardées dont la hauteur sous plafond est inférieure à 1,5 mètre.



Voie publique


A place where the public has a right to walk, and in some cases drive motor vehicles, or ride bicycles, motorcycles, horses.

A public right of way may be designated either as a road used as a public path or a byway, a footpath or a bridleway etc.

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