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Glossaire bilingue de l'immobilier

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Term Definition
Diagnostic de performance énergétique


It is a document that shows the official energy efficiency rating of a property. Homeowners, only need one when they sell their properties. From 1st June 2007, in order to sell your home home owners will need this document as part of the Home Information Pack. If they are not planning to sell their properties, they don't need to do anything. The document provides them with a rating for the building, showing its energy efficiency and its environmental impact on a scale from A-G (where A is the most efficient and G the least efficient), in graphical format. It also contains recommended ways to improve the building's energy performance. By 2009, all buildings in the UK that are constructed, sold or rented out will have to have an document like this, in accordance with the European Energy Performance of Buildings Directive.

Synonym: DPE

Remarques à l'attention des traducteurs - notes for translators:

Le diagnostic de performance énergétique est une mesure nouvellement introduite par le législateur. Il fait désormais partie des obligations du vendeur (ainsi que de celles du bailleur). Il y a en circulation de nombreuses traductions de factures plus ou moins acceptables. Parmi elles nous avons retenu energy performance certificate (tel que le formule le Home Information Pack) et energetic efficiency diagnostic (telles que le mentionnent souvent les sites francophones).

En droit, conformément aux accords de Kyoto, la France et la Grande-Bretagne appliquent ici une directive européenne : Energy Performance of Buildings (EBPD).

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