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A service dedicated to French property dealings:

  • Hundreds of properties for sale
  • French and overseas properties
  • Bilingual property listing
  • Bilingual glossary
  • Free translations for download
  • Express certified translations
About Us


Property Translations:

Property Translations was born out of much discussion between two good friends, arguably between the second and the third round, in front of a roaring fire in December 2005 at The Raven, Chiswick.

Property Translations has now grown up to a full-fledged internet-based concern with its head-office located miles away from the River in a sunny 19th century cottage in the village of Trébons, Gascony.

Property Translations is registered under SIRET 50074883500013, 13 avenue des Victimes du 11 juin 1944, 65200 Trébons, France.

Mathias Daste:

Property Translations is managed by Mathias Daste who is a registered property negotiator for Abafim international estate agents (professional licence: 2006-0117T) and also a qualified and certified translator.


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